Arkansas and New Year’s December 29 thru January 3

I decided to spend New Year’s Eve with my friend, Joyce, in Bella Vista, AR; my original plans was to leave home on the 30th but, due to the weather, I left on the 29th and drove to Nevada, MO where I spent the night before completing the rest of my journey the next morning.  It was a very good visit!  We ate some of our meals at the restaurant located within the retirement complex where Joyce lives, went on a shopping excursion, celebrated New Year’s Eve at the Concordia party held from 6:00 to 8:00, took a few walks around the complex, had great conversations resulting in laughter and tears, Joyce’s cat Spot who did not want to become my friend and would hide every time I came into the room, fixed pizza at home, and went to the movie The Last Jedi that both of us quite enjoyed.

Spot enjoying sunshine

Exhausted after New Year’s Eve party

Joyce and I at Mexican restaurant

Home…and a fantastic sunset

On the 2rd, I left Bella Vista after taking Joyce out for breakfast and headed north.  Ended up spending the night at an AmerInn in Osceola, IA.  and the next morning drove to West Des Moines where I connected with Carrie, the daughter of my friends from Montana.  After a delightful two hours of “catching up” while eating breakfast, I continued on my journey to home.   Even though it was very cold at every location of my adventure, it was a great trip!

Montana November 29 thru December 3

On the 29th, I flew to Bozeman, MT to visit my friends, Sarah and Tom; Fosters picked me up and we headed to their place for an afternoon of conversation. Had a great four days which included pint night at Mackenzie River, full day of shopping downtown and mall with lunch at Ted’s Steakhouse with Sarah, dinner and breakfast meals at Foster B&B, day trip to Big Sky ski area filled with reminiscing, shopping at Murdock’s Farm store, watching Santa wave his magic wand to turn on the Christmas lights during Bozeman’s annual downtown Christmas Stroll, skyping with friends in California, and relaxing in the sun room or living room while reading, updating, or conversing.

Visitors in the back yard

Big Sky; blue “tube” is an escalator up bunny hill

Enjoying some local craft beer

Sunset on the mountains

Sarah and Tom ready for the Christmas stroll

Santa arriving

Due to high winds at the airport, I had to stay an additional night because my original outbound flight was cancelled.   Fosters got up quite early to take me to the airport because of 6:00 AM departure time.  All went well until we pulled onto the tarmac where we waited for over 1.5 hours because Denver had closed the airport due to high winds.  But was we were granted permission to take off, everything went well on my flight home.  It was a wonderful trip filled with “going down memory lane”and bonding with my fantastic friends!

Arkansas November 21 – 25th, 2017

I decided I would visit my friend Joyce at Bella Vista, Arkansas during the Thanksgiving holiday; unfortunately, her husband, George, passed away a few weeks before the holiday and, due to their kids work responsibilities, the memorial service was planned for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Because all of them arrived on Wednesday afternoon and evening, I traveled to Bella Vista on Tuesday which gave Joyce and I some time alone before everyone descended upon her apartment. The time spent in Arkansas was very nice the first two days where we had wonderful conversations filled with laughter, smiles, hugs, and some tears. On Thanksgiving, everyone gathered at Joyce’s home where we were to have turkey later in the day. After taking a walk around Lake Bella Vista, I decided to return to the B&B because of not feeling well. On Friday, I went into the emergency room at Bella Vista; after tests, it was determined I had to have emergency surgery to remove my appendix. Joyce, her daughter Christine, and granddaughter Nicole stayed at the hospital until Sarah and Tom Foster (they had come for George’s memorial) took over watch duty. Release from the hospital came around 9:00 and we went back to the B&B for the night. In a painless state, I went to George’s memorial service…something I told the hospital staff I would not miss! Joyce did a wonderful job of putting together a service that was light and joyful instead of sad and depressing which showed clearly her love for George and his memory. After eating ice cream, Foster’s and I headed to Iowa. Because I could not drive until Monday, Sarah drove my car and Tom followed. Got home around 11:00 on Sunday; Foster’s immediately took off for their journey back to Montana. The time in Arkansas was not spent as I had planned and I really felt bad about adding another element on Joyce but the experience did show how precious and caring friendships can be; I’m very thankful to have such good friends! Note: due to my health issue, I did not take any pictures on this visit.