Arkansas and New Year’s December 29 thru January 3

I decided to spend New Year’s Eve with my friend, Joyce, in Bella Vista, AR; my original plans was to leave home on the 30th but, due to the weather, I left on the 29th and drove to Nevada, MO where I spent the night before completing the rest of my journey the next morning.  It was a very good visit!  We ate some of our meals at the restaurant located within the retirement complex where Joyce lives, went on a shopping excursion, celebrated New Year’s Eve at the Concordia party held from 6:00 to 8:00, took a few walks around the complex, had great conversations resulting in laughter and tears, Joyce’s cat Spot who did not want to become my friend and would hide every time I came into the room, fixed pizza at home, and went to the movie The Last Jedi that both of us quite enjoyed.

Spot enjoying sunshine

Exhausted after New Year’s Eve party

Joyce and I at Mexican restaurant

Home…and a fantastic sunset

On the 2rd, I left Bella Vista after taking Joyce out for breakfast and headed north.  Ended up spending the night at an AmerInn in Osceola, IA.  and the next morning drove to West Des Moines where I connected with Carrie, the daughter of my friends from Montana.  After a delightful two hours of “catching up” while eating breakfast, I continued on my journey to home.   Even though it was very cold at every location of my adventure, it was a great trip!

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