Bella Vista, Arkansas: November 8 – 11

It had been over a year since I visited my friends, Joyce and George, in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  We made plans for me to visit from November 8 to 11.  Leaving home around 7:30 in the morning on the 8th, I arrived in Bella Vista around 4:30 in the afternoon; I made good time with stops for gas, restroom, and lunch.  Joyce had made delicious chili for our evening meal which we ate after going to the apartment I had rented and my settling in.  We talked, played with cats, and watched some football.  I retired to my place around 8:30. 

On Monday I walked, had breakfast, and read until my friends were ready for a visitor.  After receiving their call, we went to lunch at the restaurant located in the retirement village; people living within the same complex as Joyce and George participated in their monthly gathering where everyone could meet new residents or visitors.  The restaurant has very good food and excellent service.  George went back to their place and Joyce/I traveled to the art museum where we walked trails and shopped in the gift store.  The museum and surrounding land is beautiful; all was donated by the Walton family; here is the link if you would be interested in learning more.  Crystal Bridges  That evening Joyce made vegetable pizza which was very good.  I retired to my apartment and read while watching football.

Tuesday, after breakfast and a walk, I met Joyce and we headed for Eureka Springs where we spent an enjoyable day shopping and having lunch at a neighborly cafe.  A couple from Iowa City who are friends of the Sheldons and on their way for a cruise out of Houston joined us at the Sheldons that evening.  We went to dinner at the restaurant and came back to Sheldons apartment where we conversed before the couple left for their hotel.  Since I planned on an early departure in the next morning, I said my “good byes” and gave hugs before retiring for the evening.

After having some coffee, I left good time on Wednesday and headed home.  After 4 stops, lunch included, got home around 3:00; easy drive.  It was a great visit and I had a great time with my friends of over 40 years, Joyce and George.

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