Holidays in Tucson, AZ (Part 3)

December 29:  Today we are driving to Silver City which is an historic town about 2 hours from Las Cruces.  On our way, we stopped at City of Rocks State Park.  The rocks forming the city were produced by a large volcanic eruption 34.9 million years ago.  It was an awesome sight!

City of Rocks

City of Rocks

When we got to Silver City, we discovered many of the stores were closed; must be ‘slow’ season.  After lunch and more disappointment, we decided to find the museum in Deming where Brian wanted to see the ‘silver sprike’; this sprike signified the meeting of two railroads.  Once we found the museum, we had 12 minutes to find it before the museum closed for the day which we did.  Tomorrow we are heading north.

December 30:  After checking out of the hotel, we headed to Alamogordo and the White Sands National Monument.  This is another place I have been to a few times before but it is always enjoyable driving through.

White Sands Monument

White Sands Monument

After lunch, we continued north toward Three Rivers Petroglyphs where there are over 21,000 of them; another enjoyable walk on a great trail.

One of many petroglyphs

One of many petroglyphs

It was time to say good bye to Edith; she was heading back to Las Cruces while Brian and I were continuing north to Iowa and home.  We drove to Tucumcari, New Mexico and stopped for the night.

December 31 and January 1:  Left New Mexico on very icy roads.  Stopped at Hooker, OK for some t-shirts.  The roads improved as we neared Kansas.  We spent New Year’s Eve in Empora, Kansas at a Comfort Inn.    January 1 saw us on the road quite early and we arrived at my home shortly after noon.  It was good to see Beauty and Cutie!  Overall, it was a great trip; Greta and Steev were quite gracious and they made my first Christmas without Tom quite special.  And I was certainly glad Brian traveled with me in both directions; he did a great job driving in difficult conditions.  And, as always, it was great to be able to spend time with my lovely sister.  But it is great to be home!





4 Responses to Holidays in Tucson, AZ (Part 3)

  1. Wow Jan, what a wonderful telling, so rich with detail and beautiful photos!

    I read each word of each part with interest and a smile on my face that you were in such good company.

    You did your usual wonderful job of note-taking and record-keeping with excellent photos to go along. You are doing a wonderful job with the blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Keith,

      The City of Rocks is a state park in New Mexico; it is located about halfway between Deming and Silver City. It would be a great place to camp!

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